Tale interactive fiction

About this server.

The story runs on the Tale mud, mudlib & interactive fiction framework for Python.

Tale software is copyright © by Irmen de Jong (irmen@razorvine.net). It is released under the GNU LGPL v3 software license.

Developer documentation.   Source code repository.

        Game version       :   Circle  v1.10
        Game license       :   Click to read

        Software version   :   4.2.dev0
        Uptime             :   263:36:14
        Up since           :   2018-05-15 20:10:42
        Number of players  :   1

Connected players:

Name: <connecting_139638686101064> connection: <tale.tio.mud_browser_io.MudHttpIo object at 0x7f0029a43198>

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