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Hello, welcome to my home page.

Razorvine, what's that?

It's a thing from the PlaneScape Dungeons&Dragons campaign setting, that I used to play back in the nineties. And I thought it was a nice word to choose for my domain name.


" Hardy and harrowing, the black midnight vine that is Sigil's only native plant is as prolific as the streets are grimy and the days are gloomy. Razorvine covers everything that stays still for longer than a day. Some Guvner sages have speculated that the stuff grows as fast as three feet a day! With barb-infested vines and serrated leaves that cut like the executioners axe, a basher would be wise to steer clear of this rose by any other name. "

" Razorvine is perhaps the most destructive weed on all the Outer Planes. It is general opinion that a fast-growing, razor-sharp weed could only originate on a lower plane, a theory which is supported by the fact that it tends to be most common in gate-towns to lower planes. I would theorize that Razorvine is less common on the Lower Planes than in their gate towns because even Razorvine is no match for plants such as Abyssal viper trees or Carcerian acid nettles, both of which have trouble surviving outside their native planes. As for why the plant is less common on the upper planes, it's not just because the natives tend to trim the plant (if that theory was true, it would run wild on the Beastlands, as tigers aren't well known for their interest in gardening). I'd say that Razorvine was born from the collected hate of everyone that wished their neighbors' farms and gardens were overrun with weeds and brambles. Just as hate spawned this plant, so hate sustains it. "